The Avengers: post screening thoughts

I am not going to bother with a plot synopsis. Here’s my reaction to the mammoth juggernaut, $220 million dollar, king-daddy superhero film also known as the Avengers that will be premiering here in the U.S. in a matter of hours:
It lives up to the hype. It’s really good. It has some problems (small) but it will deliver your superhero fantasies with a high caliber sheen.
I wanted X-Men to be this good because I have waited and waited for a “team” superhero film to work the way Avengers works. Fantastic Four was awful. X-men never rose to the occasion – they all fell a little flat for me. Joss Whedon does the impossible and delivers a wham-bam action film that will be mainstream enough to please the masses while injecting enough comic book fan details as well. And when I say wham-bam action film I want to clarify that this is not a big, loud Michael Bay kinda action film. The action here is fresh, energized and smart. I guess the big thing for me was that it was really exciting with cheer out loud moments. There are so many things happening but Whedon and crew keep a clear line of sight and the action is enjoyable to follow. He knows when to get close, when to break big and how long to linger. So many action films push too hard in any one of these details and the scene gets lost in the sound and fury.
It’s also funny and light on it’s feet.
Now the things that didn’t work:
*Everybody loves Samuel Jackson but some of the dialogue here seemed to be written for SAMUEL JACKSON and when he delivers it you say “I’m watching SAMUEL JACKSON”.
*An alien army is utilized. Unfortunately, it felt like I was watching Attack of the Clones or one of the big scenes from LOTR. In a movie with fresh visuals and fresh ideas this felt like a cheat.

Overall, it’s thoroughly enjoyable and if you have friends that are wondering if you need to see the other films for this film to work I would say, not really. It works as it is. Of course it would be more enjoyable if you have seen the others but it will still be a thrill ride.

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